The Common Ground Cafe & Bakery – Picton

I’d like to let you in on a little secret. A favourite place of mine.

When I’m in Picton, I make a point of always stopping in at the Common Ground Cafe and Bakery,located at the old Razor Back Inn.


IMG_4495 (Large)

Whether it’s for a nice hearty lunch or just to stock up on my supply of Green bars (yum!!)

My partner and I have driven past it so many times,that one day on our way back home we decided to stop in and check it out. Best decision we ever made!

What a lovely, quaint cafe. It has a strong country/pioneer theme to it which adds to it’s charm. Something I simply adore!

Upon entering you’re greeted by one of the lovely people from their community. They’re not really staff,they are known more as a ‘community’.

We are shown to our seats and given lovely hand drawn menus to read through.


Meanwhile we can hear the soft lull of what I can only describe as a mix between calm country sounds with a hint of jewish sounds in it. That’s my opinion anyway.

It adds to the aesthetics of the cafe’s layout and makes you feel so relaxed.

From the menu you have a variety of healthy options to select. From freshly made Burramundi or chicken burgers to mouth watering Pioneer Pies and their Pumpkin soup with secret ingredients that they’re so famous for.Plus a selection of yummy fresh fruit juices,coffee and a special tea called ‘Yerba Mate’ which is not only easy on the palate but keeps you going all day.

I for one have not been much of a fan of pumpkin soup before,but after hearing people rave about this particular one I knew I had to try it. And boy was I glad I did.Wow!

It’s nothing like I’ve ever had before.Nice thick pumpkin soup with a dollop of sour cream and shallots.Served with two fresh baked slices of their wheat sour dough bread. It’s like nothing I’ve ever had before! Just tasting the soup makes you salivate and gives you a warm comfortable feeling. Especially perfect in winter time.


Also might I add,eating their freshly baked bread is a delight as if you’re like me and find you can’t tolerate a lot of wheat or bread, their bread for me didn’t leave me feeling bloated or sluggish like others I’ve tried.

You may notice the community members way of dressing. Some might call it unique.I initially mistook them for the Amish.You see the people behind the running of the Common Ground Cafe are part of a community known as the twelve tribes and follow the Jewish faith. They dress modest and have celebrations for different holidays such as Pass over & Shavuot.

You may have read about The festival of Shavuot in my previous blog post.

Nonetheless they are a very friendly community of people and happy for a chat.

The Common Ground Cafe does not only do lunches and dinners.They have a breakfast menu,and on Sunday’s they do wood fired pizza’s.PLUS they bake their own variety of breads,cakes,cookies and their famous ‘Green Bar’. The Green Bar if you’re wondering, is a healthy treat packed full of yummy and healthy gluten free ingredients.


They also specialise in the bottling of their ‘Green Juice Drink’ with all ingredients being organic,chemical free and grown on their farm ‘Peppercorn Creek Farm’ just down the road.

Of course if you can’t make it into the cafe to stock up on some of this yummy goodness they also have market stalls weekly at Bulli Market,Bondi Junction,Hornsby,Wollongong,Narabeen,Frenchs Forest & Marrickville.

There you will be able to buy everything from tins of Yerba Mate tea leaves to their green bars and bottles of Green juice.

I feel so lucky to have discovered this place.And I want to give a shoutout to the Common Ground Cafe’s main front of house girl, the girl with the loveliest smile and friendly disposition; Sarah. As I was once told ‘Everybody knows Sarah!’. She’s such a lovely person to meet so don’t forget to say hello.

In summary, The Common Ground Cafe & Bakery is a lovely place for breakfast,lunch or dinner.Is child friendly and a nice place to meet and catch up with friends. They also have room available to host various catered functions.

A side note; They also have another cafe in Katoomba called ‘The Yellow Deli’. That one also offers all the same things on the menu as Picton does (minus the wood fired pizzas).

For further info or contact details of either cafe please visit:

Have a great day and keep smiling!

Vicky xx


Details: The Common Ground Cafe & Bakery

Address: 1580 Remembrance Drive, Picton, New South Wales 2571

Full Photos:

Child Friendly: Yes

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